Panjang 21 cm, Dilengkapi dengan per.

Tinggi 12 cm, Lebar 6 cm, Panjang 5,5 cm

Bahan plastik, Diameter 23 cm

Tinggi 13 cm, Panjang 5,5 cm, Lebar 3,5


The Texas Longhorn was fashioned entirely by nature in North America. Stemming from ancestors that were the first cattle to set foot on American soil almost 500 years ago, it became the sound end product of "survival of the fittest". Shaped by a combination of natural selection and adaptation to the environment, the Texas Longhorn is the only cattle breed in America which - without aid from man - is truly adapted to America. In his book The Longhorns, J. Frank Dobie states this situation well: "Had they been registered and regulated, restrained and provided for by man, they would not have been what they were."

History - The Whitebred Shorthorns (often referred to as the White Shorthorn) exact history is not known, but what is known is that it originated in Northwest England and Southwest Scotland and aroused interest in the Border counties of the UK over 100 years ago when the breed was referred to as the Cumberland White.

John Bartheld has been breeding miniature cows on his farm for seven years, hoping to recreate black and white markings in the pattern of a panda to make a "panda cow." He succeeded on June 28 when Peanut was born. From most angles, Peanut looks like the endangered Chinese bear with a big belt of white fur, a white face and black hair around the eyes.

Mini -Jersey cattle may be small, but they pack a big punch. Homesteaders and small dairy farmers with limited space can find mini-Jerseys a great investment. They produce the same top-quality raw milk as their larger counterparts but require less feed and space to roam. Most people have a lot of questions about minis before they consider buying one. Here are some of the most common requests for information about this cute - and tiny - breed of Jerseys.

HISTORY - The Belted Galloway (Belties) are a breed of cattle originating from Galloway on the west side of southern Scotland more than 300 years ago. The exact origin of the breed is unclear although it is usually accepted that the white belt that distinguishes these cattle from the native black Galloway cattle is a result of breeding with the Dutch Lakenvelder belted cattle.

History - The Dexter originated in the South Western region of Ireland where they were originally kept by small landholders and known as the "poorman's cow". Like the Kerry, they are descended from the predominately black cattle of the early Celts. The frequently heard theory that the Dexter are a comparatively new breed is a complete fallacy as the breed is fully described and mentioned by its proper name, in a report on Irish cattle written in 1845, by Mr David Low.

BALITNAK - Balai Penelitian Ternak

Sejarah berdirinya Balitnak - Balai Penelitian Ternak (Balitnak) merupakan gabungan dua Unit Kerja bidang peternakan yaitu Lembaga Penelitian Peternakan (LPP) di jalan Raya Pajajaranm, Bogor dan Pusat Penelitian dan Pengembangan Ternak (P3T) di Ciawi, Bogor pada tahun 1981. Sejalan dengan perkembangannya, sejak didirikan masing-masing unit kerja tersebut telah beberapa kali mengalami perubahan nama. Baca selengkapnya...

Pernak Pernik Sapi Dijual

Sendok Bayi Gambar Sapi

Bahan plastik, Panjang 9 cm, Lebar 9 cm

Piring Makan Gambar Sapi

Bahan plastik, Diameter 23 cm

Pensil Motif Sapi

Pensil Faber Castell. Panjang 17,4 cm

Patung Keramik Pasangan Sapi

Tinggi 13 cm, Panjang 5,5 cm, Lebar 3,5

Pensil Box Susu Sapi

Panjang 21 cm, Dilengkapi dengan per.