Description - The generally low level of nutrition provided by the unimproved range and unfertilized pastures, along with the rough woods, "the scrub", in which these cattle spent most of their time, likely also had an effect on the horn size and shape of Florida Cracker Cattle. The horns of Florida Cracker Cattle have a much greater tendency to go up rather than out like those of Texas Longhorn cattle.

Bahan keramik, Tinggi 10, Diameter 8,5 cm

The American White Park is a large white breed with black or red points (ears, nose and eyes). Cows average 1000 pounds and bulls between 1700-1800 pounds. The cattle are predominately polled with 3 to 5% horned. They are docile and the cows milk well.

Pensil Faber Castell. Panjang 17,4 cm

Miniature Zebu’s have been around for thousands of years, with their roots coming from off the coast of Southern India. Miniature Zebu’s are also native to Southeast Asia and Africa. With this climate the breed was able to develop a high tolerance to heat and insects. Their ability to do this is thanks to sweat glands and a highly active sub-dermal twitching muscle.

What is unique about this cow breed is that they have a rare pattern of black spots on an all-white body. First bred in Holland, Friesland, and Germany, this cow breed is one of the most notable dairy producers in existence. Their black and white bodies may not be impressive, but their ability to produce large amounts of milk is something that tends to attract farmers from all over the world.


Bahan Plastik, Panjang 13 cm, Lebar 8 cm, Tinggi 14 cm

Highland cows are often known as the gentle giants of Scotland. With their long horns, and flowing red locks, these iconic beasts are easily recognised, but how much do you really know about them? This article aims to explore the magnificent creatures in more detail, and by the end, we are sure you will fall as udder-ly in love with them as we have!

Bahan plastik, Panjang 9 cm, Lebar 9 cm, Tinggi 14 cm

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Usaha Peternakan Sapi Seperti Apakah Yang Harus Diurus Izinnya?

"Warga Mengeluh, Peternakan Sapi Tanpa Izin Dibiarkan Tetap Beroperasi", demikian judul sebuah berita yang dilansir oleh, pada tanggal 07 Mei 2021. Peternakan tersebut terletak di Kampung Ciherang Rt 02 Rw 01 Desa Cikanyere, Kecamatan Sukaresmi, Cianjur. Menurut informasi yang diperoleh, peternakan tersebut memang tidak memiliki izin, dan keberadaannya tidak mendapatkan restu masyarakat sekitar. Baca selengkapnya...

Pernak Pernik Sapi Dijual

Mug Sapi Biru

Bahan keramik, Tinggi 10, Diameter 8,5 cm

Patung Keramik Pasangan Sapi

Tinggi 13 cm, Panjang 5,5 cm, Lebar 3,5

Piring Makan Gambar Sapi

Bahan plastik, Diameter 23 cm

Perlengkapan Mandi Bentuk Sapi

Bahan plastik, Panjang 9 cm, Lebar 9 cm, Tinggi 14 cm

Pensil Motif Sapi

Pensil Faber Castell. Panjang 17,4 cm