Sukaregang, The Center of Leather Products in Garut West Java

West Java in Indonesia has many fun and fascinating things to explore. Well, it is not only Bandung with its multiple tourist spots. You should also try to go to other towns like Garut whether for touring or even shopping. Garut is known as a home for some typical foods like Dodol Garut. Meanwhile, there is a center of leather jackets that is famous enough for its quality and friendly prices; Sukaregang.

Slightly, Sukaregang looks like a traditional market. It is located not too far from the capital of Garut; only around 3 km. There are rows of shops and stalls that sell various types and designs of leather jackets. They are even not only jackets but also other fashion items like bags, belts, gloves, and more. For completeness, many tourists come from other towns and even countries to buy leather products for souvenirs.



Since there are maybe no other intentions of going to Sukaregang aside from shopping, it is better to know approximate prices offered in this typical market. The prices offered are various starting from IDR600,000 to more than IDR1,500,000. The prices are given depending on materials, designs, and finishing processes. As information, leather itself is divided into some types based on the quality starting from the low to the high ones.

If you think those prices are too expensive, you should not be afraid to bargain for them. Sometimes, the prices offered are very expensive but with your skills you can lower them down significantly. It is even suggested to visit many stalls or shops in the market until you have found the right price.



Although Sukaregang is the so-called traditional market, products offered here are always trendy, fashionable, and up-to-date. Almost all leather artists here always follow the newest trends to attract customers even more. For example, when Marvel movies are booming, there are many jackets that are designed similar to those superheroes’ outfits. One of them is Black Widow’s jackets that are highly demanded by women.



Do you have an idea regarding the jacket’s design but cannot find it around? You should not worry since many stalls here provide customization services. Starting from home, you must prepare the design and sizes if it is possible. Another option is by letting your body be measure by the leather artist or tailor there. However, not all leather artists here want to make jackets in which the design has been owned by popular brands. Well, it is all about copyright anyway.



Undeniably, leather products have a different treatment from other materials. If you treat them wrongly, it causes them to be damaged or peeled off. Of course, it makes your jackets or bags no longer good-looking. Despite general treatments like avoiding using a washing machine or drying them in the sun, sellers there commonly give you more advice. A special liquid is also sold in Sukaregang to wash the leather jacket. For the best result, follow all instructions and suggestions given. This way, your leather jackets can be not only clean but also durable.


Ankole-Watusi Cattle

Ankole‑Watusi cattle, with their large, extensive horns, are among the most striking members of the bovine kingdom. Herds resemble slow-moving, multicolored forests of bare trees as their horns sway with every step. The Ankole‑Watusi breed is part of the Sanga family of African cattle breeds, which originated over 2,000 years ago from a combination of the Egyptian Longhorn cattle and the Zebu Longhorns originally from India.

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History - Zebu cattle originated in Southwest Asia and that their descendants were non-humped, they have evolved from three breeds of Indian cattle. The Guzerat, Nelore and the Gir had most influence over Zebu breeding. Zebu cattle are humped and belong to the Bos primigenius species of cattle. They were taken to Africa at an early date and within the last 100 years, have been exported to Brazil and the US.

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