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Pasundan Cow is Believed to Have More Advantages Compared to Other Kinds

Technical Implementing Unit from Bandung is developing the Bos Sundaicus or known as the original Pasundan cow in Jambuhala Village, Desa Celak, Gununghalu, West Bandung, West Java. Just like its name, this is the original livestock from West Java. What makes it different from others is this livestock is believed to have more advantages than other varieties. By doing the good nursery, it is hoped that this variety can become the superior kind.


What is Good About Pasundan Cow?

Beside that, it is hoped that this Pasundan cow can add and increase the population which is now reduced. The development of it has been starting since 2018 and at this time, UPT has already got a couple of male and female from the southern beach and the exact location is in Sancang, Garut, West Java. They only have one target to make the couple of male and female Pasundan breed to the numerous amounts. It is developed in the nursery hall for now because they concern about many things.

The reason is because this type of livestock is quite adaptive to the weather and it doesn’t get sick easily unlike others. Pasundan cow has different characteristics such as the line back and also the color of body which is dominated by red brick. The eyes and nose are black and the end of its tail is black but it has the gradation of white right on the legs and pelvis area. This has other advantages compared to other varieties such as endurance to the tropical illness. Though it is the best, it doesn’t need complicated maintenance.

The level of reproduction is high and the meat quality is superb while the weight can reach almost 700 kg. According to the unit, the weather condition around Gununghalu is related suitable to breed Pasundan varieties especially because in the southern area, it is set as the beef cattle center zone while in the north or Lembang is the region of dairy. To support the population for Pasundan varieties, the meadow must be expanded for them to eat and breed. One hectare of meadow is enough for 10 cows.

If there are around 70, then 7 hectares of meadow is needed for them. The expanding of meadow is not a problem at all since the southern area of Bandung is still wide. The source of food is still wide for breeding and it can be made as the tourism object. The government will cooperate with the farmers from forest or around Gununghalu to plant the grass for animal feed. The government really wants to develop the southern area to become the tourism center and also to dig the tourism potential in the south.

The education is also maintained well to give the farmers and other people insight related to the innovation and technology to breed the Pasundan cow better. This development is better for the country too because it can reduce the import of meat from another country and use the local meat for people since the quality is as high as the import meat. If the population is growing, then society should be happy to know it.