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This Food Comes From Milk That is Processed Using Papaya Leaves

If you have a trip to the Province of South Sulawesi, Indonesia, do not forget to try Dangke, the original Indonesian cheese. Cheese has been an important food product for people of Indonesia. The most popular type of cheese comes from European countries, particularly Italia. However, the local cheese called dangke is produced in Enrekang Regency, South Sulawesi.



Danke has a number of unique qualities, which differentiate it from European cheese. They include the following:


  • Made from cow's milk or buffalo milk; The cheese looks like Indonesian tofu, but with different aroma and tastes. Dangke is yellowish white has specific aroma of cheese and chewy texture.
  • Congealment method. Dangke is prepared in a traditional method. Danke is free of chemical coagulant substances. The fresh milk is coagulated by means of papaya leaf extracts as a coagulant agent. Enzymes contained in papaya leaves and fruits separate protein from water and then coagulate the milk.
  • Stamping method. The thickened milk is then put into coconut shell, which has been cut into two. The coconut shell serves as a natural stamping media for dangke. Therefore, you can see that dangke is mostly served in cone-like shape and wrapped in banana leaves.
  • Free of chemical substances. Besides using natural coagulant agent, dangke does not use any chemical preservatives, which may be harmful for health. The local producers of dangke ensures that every step of cheese production is sterile. Moreover, the milk is cooked in high temperature, at least 70 degrees, by using wood fireplace.


The abovementioned qualities make dangke a unique of cheese. Unlike European cheese, which is produced by using high-tech machine, dangke maintains traditional qualities. The traditional process of danke attracts many tourists to see it directly. Therefore, if you visit South Sulawesi, do not miss the chance to see the production of dangke right from its origin




This Food Comes From Milk That is Processed Using Papaya LeavesEuropean cheese is usually grated or melted into sauce. Again, dangke is different in the way its served by local people of Enrekang Regency. As Danke is free of preservative, it is usually served in freshly cooked condition. Dangke, which is wrapped in banana leaves, is usually roasted. Alternatively, some people enjoy fried dangke along with steamed rice and chili shrimp paste (sambal terasi).

People of Enrekang enjoy Dangke with Pulo Mondati – local rice, which is known for its delicious aroma. Pulo Mondati is only grown in Enrekang area. Another way to enjoy dangke is by making it into different foods, like dangke crispy chips, dangke cheese ball, soup, and nugget. Now, dangke has been used as an ingredient for making special cookies, which local people name Enrekang cookies.

Dangke is relatively expensive, compared to other local foods in South Sulawesi. However, it is relatively cheaper than the European cheese is. Now, dangke is available not only in Enrekang Regency. Travelers can find it in Makassar and other municipalities in South Sulawesi. Some producers have even exported dangke to Japan and Malaysia.

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