Beef Satay Pak Kempleng: Culinary You Should Never Miss

When it comes to entertainment, people have different ways to entertain themselves. Some people prefer to watch good movies, some others love to travel, and some others would rather entertain themselves by eating good foods. If you are the third team, there is one special dish in Semarang, Indonesia, that you should never miss tasting. As you probably already know, Indonesia has a lot of cuisines. Even one certain dish has a bunch of versions. One of them is satay. Every region in Indonesia has different versions of satay. For instance, Padang satay, Ponorogo satay, buntel satay, and so on. And the one that you must never miss is beef satay Pak Kempleng, Semarang.

The name of Pak Kempleng has been known since 1960. But the name never faded up to now. It can be said that beef satay Pak Kempleng is a famous and popular culinary in Semarang. The culinary business is now managed by one of Pak Kempleng’s grandchildren named Mrs. Hartini. The family managed to keep the recipe so that satay Pak Kempleng runs for 58 years now. Many people love satay Pak Kempleng because the beef is so tender. Mrs. Hartini said that there is no secret recipe. However, they only use the tenderloin part to make the beef satay. Then, the beef is boiled with some spices, such as pepper, brown sugar, and coriander.

Beef satay Pak Kempleng only uses tenderloin beef. Another tip why beef satay Pak Kempleng is so tender because they cut it following the fibers. And the meat is separated from the fat. So that the beef is not hard to chew. When you come to the restaurant, you will find hundreds of skewers on the ordering table. When the dish is served in your table, you will be able to strongly smell the aroma of brown sugar. The use of brown sugar instead of soy sauce makes the satay taste more delicious. When you eat the beef satay, you can taste the strong flavor of spices involved. Even though the beef cut is big, you will not find it hard to chew the beef satay.

The texture of beef satay Pak Kempleng tastes like medium-well steak. It is still juicy. You can enjoy the dish with the sweet peanut sauce. Besides beef satay, the restaurant also serves other dishes. Such as chicken satay, goat satay, goat curry, and more. A portion of beef satay Pak Kempleng consists of 10 skewers. A portion costs IDR 55.000 or around $4. Beef satay Pak Kempleng is very famous so that famous public figures have tasted it. During weekends, the restaurant of beef satay Pak Kempleng can sell thousands of beef satay. Do not be surprised that you might need to wait in line when you visit the restaurant.

However, if you are curious about the taste, directly visit the restaurant that is located in Diponegoro Street, number 274, Semarang. The restaurant is open from 9 AM to 9 PM. Visit the restaurant and prove yourself how delicious it is.

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