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About the Unique Ox Horn Crafts

Do you wish to have a memorable adventure? Then, you should try to travel to Pucang Village where you can learn more about unique crafts made from ox horns. Pucang Village is located in Magelang, Indonesia. This village is situated 3 Km away from the main road of Magelang-Semarang. Pucang Village in Magelang is considered as the center of horn crafts. Ox horns and buffalo horns are suitable materials to be made as crafts since they are strong, durable, and safe. This is why the crafters in Pucang Village prefer to use ox horns and buffalo horns to make unique and artsy crafts.

The crafters in Pucang Village get the horns from other various regions in Indonesia. Such as Kalimantan and Sumatera. Those horns are then turned into various decorative crafts. For example, bowls, key chains, jewelry boxes, rings, bracelets, pencil cases, miniature Harley Davidson, and many more. Most of the buyers think that the horn crafts will be able to make their houses look more exotic and decorative. The horn crafts made by Pucang Village crafters are also suitable to be given as wedding souvenirs. The materials used are genuine, durable, selected, and high-quality. So, you can have the decorative horn craft at your house for a long time.

The horns used are already tested to prove the quality and durability. Making ox horn crafts is quite complicated and takes quite many times. It also needs extra patience. That is the reason why the ox horn crafts become the icon of Pucang Village. The crafts manage to get into international markets. The ox horn crafts from Pucang Village are exported to some countries, such as Australia, the Middle East, Brazil, Japan, and also the United States of America. It is even said that the locals of Pucang Village have been ox horn crafters since hundred years ago. In 1980, the crafts had been exported to France and the Netherlands.

The ox horn crafters in Pucang Village never formally learn about how to make ox horn crafts. They got the skills from their parents and ancestors. Instead, people from other cities in Indonesia come to Pucang Village to learn about how to make the crafts. Ox horn crafts from Pucang Village are available in various patterns, colors, and strength. Making ox horn crafts does not only require skills and artsy touches. But it also requires patience. It takes quite a long time. They can produce 3 horn spoons in a day since it is easy and simple. But for something more complicated, it needs days.

Besides being sold, the crafters also make an exhibition to show off the ox horn crafts. In 2000, the locals built a showroom where the crafts are displayed. About the price, it is varied. The price ranges from IDR 25.000 or around $2 to tens of dollars. It depends on the complexity of the products. Even though the crafters face some issues, the local government supports this business so that ox horn crafts are getting more established.

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This Food Comes From Milk That is Processed Using Papaya Leaves

If you have a trip to the Province of South Sulawesi, Indonesia, do not forget to try Dangke, the original Indonesian cheese. Cheese has been an important food product for people of Indonesia. The most popular type of cheese comes from European countries, particularly Italia. However, the local cheese called dangke is produced in Enrekang Regency, South Sulawesi.

Sukaregang, The Center of Leather Products in Garut West Java

Sukaregang The Center of Leather Products in Garut West Java
West Java in Indonesia has many fun and fascinating things to explore. Well, it is not only Bandung with its multiple tourist spots. You should also try to go to other towns like Garut whether for touring or even shopping. Garut is known as a home for some typical foods like Dodol Garut. Meanwhile, there is a center of leather jackets that is famous enough for its quality and friendly prices; Sukaregang.

Miniature Belted Galloway Cow

HISTORY - The Belted Galloway (Belties) are a breed of cattle originating from Galloway on the west side of southern Scotland more than 300 years ago. The exact origin of the breed is unclear although it is usually accepted that the white belt that distinguishes these cattle from the native black Galloway cattle is a result of breeding with the Dutch Lakenvelder belted cattle.

Qurbani For Hajj Business for Muslim Market: 5 Guides for Expanding Your Cattle Farming

A Large Number of the Muslim Market Will Upscale Your Cattle Business to a Higher Level. Every year all of Muslims in the world celebrate the Eid al Adha. It's the day when Muslims who can afford qurbani for hajj animal to sacrifice and give it to others. Only some kind of animals that allowed to be Qurbani. They are goats, sheep, cows, buffalos, bulls, or camels. This post will explain about the profitable business aspect of cattle farming for the big Muslims market.

American White Park Cattle

The American White Park is a large white breed with black or red points (ears, nose and eyes). Cows average 1000 pounds and bulls between 1700-1800 pounds. The cattle are predominately polled with 3 to 5% horned. They are docile and the cows milk well.

Texas Longhorn

The Texas Longhorn was fashioned entirely by nature in North America. Stemming from ancestors that were the first cattle to set foot on American soil almost 500 years ago, it became the sound end product of "survival of the fittest". Shaped by a combination of natural selection and adaptation to the environment, the Texas Longhorn is the only cattle breed in America which - without aid from man - is truly adapted to America. In his book The Longhorns, J. Frank Dobie states this situation well:…